Alfredo Fineschi

CEO & Founder of Ethicalfin NPL | General Manager of Torre Law Firm EF

Personal Information


Role in the company

CEO & Founder of Ethicalfin NPL
General Manager of Torre Law Firm EF


  • Asset management
  • Credit analysis
  • Debt markets
  • Due diligence
  • Financial analysis
  • Illiquid credit
  • Investments
  • Loans
  • Negotiation
  • NPL


Dad of two champions and big fan of football, cooking and wine, I have been working for over twenty years in the field of NPLs. After serving as a Senior Asset Manager in the Capitalia Service JV and as a Team Leader in the NPL division of Pirelli, I worked for years as a consultant on behalf of various banks, like Unicredit, and autonomous servicers, like Cerved Credit Management. Finally, after a last experience as Business Development & Operations Manager and thanks to the experience gained in the sector, I decided with a few partners – with whom I share a long-term entrepreneurial vision – to found EthicalFin NPL Srl, a sustainable loan management company which works with banks, special servicer and investors to originate, assess, manage and (co-)invest in italian non-performing loan portfolios.

Now CEO of the company and Board Member of Torre EF Law Firm, founded precisely to create an even more complete management structure, I work to carry on an ethical culture in the company and a sustainable and effective approach in the NPLs market.