Our values

The ethical management of NPL portfolios
is our winning strategy.

Transparency, trust, sustainability and innovation
are our core values.

We believe that operating through these values allows us to achieve win-win solutions, in the interest of all parties involved.

Our NPL services
for banks, investors, servicers and debtors

We help banks in selling their NPL portfolios and revaluing UTPs

We help funds interested in investing and managing portfolios of NPLs and UTPs

We support servicers from due diligence to efficient recovery

We help debtors and their advisors reach real and workable agreements

How we work

Portfolio Origination

Through the search for investment opportunities within non-competitive sales processes

Portfolio Due Diligence

Through the timely analysis of portfolio documentation

Presentation of the Offer

Based on a realistic assessment of recovery flows

Portfolio Management

From the onboarding process to recovery activities, with guaranteed constant monitoring of performance and tailored recovery strategies


Number of deals


Asset under management (Mio)


Portfolios under management