Our History

Ethicalfin NPL is an Italian company, founded in 2017 by Alfredo Fineschi (CEO and Co-founder). It is controlled by Pommes D’Or Family Office, with a license ex art. 115 (T.U.L.P.S.) and performs sub-servicing activities on Non Performing Loans portfolios.

Together with EthicalFin Limited, sister company of EthicalFin NPL operating in the UK, we are committed to promoting change and bringing ethics back into the financial markets. We believe that acting ethically leads to better outcomes for all parties involved. Our mission is to:

  • achieve win-win solutions, in credit recovery operations
  • implement strategies that generate social value within the community and the territory in which we operate.

In 2020, EthicalFin NPL and Francesco Torre have established Torre Law Firm EF, a company thanks to which it will be possible to combine the activity of sub-servicing with the activity of judicial assistance throughout the country. This will be possible thanks to a team of lawyers specialized in banking, corporate, business crisis and in the field of securities and real estate executions.

Our Values

The values that make our strategies sound:

  • Transparency in due diligence transactions
  • Building relationships of trust
  • Sustainability of the recovery strategy in all its phases

Combined with expertise in the sector, they are what allow us to achieve our objectives.

Today, more than ever, it is necessary to implement an ethical and responsible management of NPL credits. The 2008 crisis shook the financial markets to the core and generated a huge volume of NPLs. The 2020 crisis will generate just as many.

The goal of EthicalFin is to meet the challenge, launch projects with a strong social impact and promote the revaluation of resources and capital.

Our Services for banks, investors, servicers and debtors

Fair and realistic valuation

of NPL portfolios for sale

Proactive management

debtor-focused management of NPL portfolios

Efficient recovery

based on realistic forecasts and tailored strategies

Reputational return

side effect of ethical credit management

Meet the Management Team

Alfredo Fineschi

CEO & Founder of Ethicalfin NPL | General Manager of Torre Law Firm EF

EthicalFin NPL