The Law Firm offers judicial assistance throughout the country, using the expertise of a team of professionals, specializing in the following areas:

  • Banking
  • Corporate
  • Business crisis
  • Real estate executions

In addition, the Law Firm supports the sub-servicing activities of EthicalFin NPL, to ensure better internal coordination in the management of a larger volume of impaired loans, through services of:

  • Consulting in the analysis of NPL portfolios in disposal and complex due diligence
  • Support in the management of data remediation processes and on boarding of newly acquired NPL portfolios
  • Assistance in judicial and extrajudicial recovery throughout the country

The internalisation of this service aims to a cost optimization and to a more efficient coordination among professional experts, loan management team and creditor.

The Torre EF law firm, like EthicalFin NPL and its sister company EthicalFin Limited in the UK, operates according to the values of sustainability and social responsibility, in the belief that this leads to the creation of a climate of mutual trust and to the realization of operational and productive synergies.

Torre Law Firm EF