Gianluigi Perruso

Analyst | Auditor

Personal Information


Role in the company



  • Analysis of analytical and financial accounting
  • Analysis and monitoring of economic and financial performance
  • Budgeting and reporting
  • BPR and BPI
  • Business computerization
  • Problem solving
  • Overview and proactivity


Passionate about singing and soul music, senior Arhatic Yogi, I have been involved in Management Control and Audit for more than 15 years. A management engineer with a specialization in business management, after an internship in business organization and an internship, I became a management control manager in a company in the restaurant industry. After this experience ended, I have been a consultant for years in small and medium-sized enterprises to develop the financial and productive potential of companies from very different fields. I like to delve into new subjects all the time and feel stimulated, because this is what allows me to bring the projects I deal with to their full potential.

In EthicalFin NPL I have found a new and dynamic context to which I can bring my skills, applied to management control, portfolio analysis, process management, audits and reporting for clients.