EthicalFin NPL and Torre EF Law Firm inaugurate the new offices!

EthicalFin NPL and Torre EF Law Firm inaugurate the new offices!

EthicalFin NPL and Torre EF Law Firm inaugurated their new offices and, to mark the occasion, celebrated with friends and colleagues by offering light welcome refreshments.

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The new office is located in Rome at Via Aureliana 25, a ten-minute walk from Termini Station. The area is still the same, but larger offices were needed to accommodate the employees and associates of the two companies, which have come a long way since 2020-the year Torre EF Law Firm was established.

The opening party was also an opportunity to exhibit the paintings of an EthicalFin NPL employee, artist Ortensia Grassi in the duo CLORTI ART. The art name was born from the fusion of the names of the artists Clara and Ortensia.


Clara and Ortensia are mother and daughter: they started painting together in 2020, during the first lock-down, and since then they have not stopped experimenting and realizing their creative ideas. They inaugurated their artistic duo by participating in their first exhibition for the “Paris Artexpo” award and, over the years, they have experimented with different material techniques for creating their paintings (you can see some of them on their instagram profile). The common thread that unites them all is their bond, the hard work and beauty of working with four hands and the desire to stimulate the imagination of the viewer. Hence, the title of the exhibition that colored the offices of the two companies: Synergies.

Synergies: thus we inaugurate, with this powerful word, the new chapter of life of the two societies in these beautiful new offices on Aureliana Street!

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Inaugurazione uffici EthicalFin NPL